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Providing the best courier service in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska

Arctic Couriers Inc is a customer oriented delivery service

Having provided quick and reliable delivery services since 1980, Arctic Couriers is a trusted courier for medical shipping, construction site delivery and business delivery. We offer services to Fairbanks and interior Alaska.
Our business model is dependent on the value added to the service we provide by training and investing in our employees' skills and capabilities that a regular delivery driver normally would not have. We provide Hazmat training for safely transporting dangerous goods and biological specimens not only on the ground, but also in preparation for transport to the airport for transport on passenger and non-passenger aircraft.         

What We Can Do!

We are ready, willing and able to coordinate your delivery!

On a day to day basis, our service is used to provide fast and reliable delivery where time is critical. If you are paying a mechanic big bucks for a skill that is more useful in the shop or on a worksite, our service can easily pay for itself by keeping that trained technician supplied with materials. Our dispatch office makes sure we get what information is needed from our customers to assure that we talk to the right people and have the right part numbers in order to return with the correct part in a timely manner. There is no disconnect from the time the part is ordered to the time of delivery. Bush orders going out to some of the villages are checked for departure times to make sure that the plane does not leave without the shipment.

Our fleet of vehicles include a sixteen foot flatbed, two fourteen foot box trucks, three cargo vans and one fuel efficient subcompact so we are fully equipped to handle your delivery. All of our vehicles have Arctic Couriers logos, and all of our drivers wear Arctic Couriers uniforms.

Customer service

At Arctic Couriers Inc, we make it our number one priority to get your delivery where it needs to go, quickly, and reliably. We conveniently offer pick-up service and our delivery tracking system will ensure your peace of mind.

Let us handle your domestic, bulk items or small envelopes and rest assured that your package will arrive safe, sound and on-time!
  • Medical Delivery 
  • Corporate 
  • SCF mail 
  • Government 
  • Military Bases 
  • Construction site delivery 
  • Bid Document delivery

Contact information

5690 Supply Rd Bay 1
PO Box 60135
Fairbanks, AK 99706

(907) 457-3595

(907) 457-3275


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Why Choose Us?

  • Locally Owned & Operated 
  • In Business for over 30 Years 
  • A Trained & Licensed IAC 
  • Effective and Efficient Solution to Your Delivery Needs 
  • Responsive To Our Customers Needs 
  • Friendly, Courteous And Helpful Drivers & Staff

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday: 8-5
Saturday 9-5
Sunday Closed
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