A business courier in the Interior of Alaska for all your delivery needs

When you need a reliable and fast courier in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, Arctic Couriers Inc will be there for you

Having completed extensive background checks, our drivers at Arctic Couriers are uniformed, trained and willing to help you find delivery solutions to match your needs.

Having served Alaska businesses as a business courier, we deliver documents and goods of all types all over town. Our team is also frequently called upon to make deliveries to and from the airport; we can help you connect your Alaska business to the rest of the outside world with our business courier service.

At Arctic Couriers we can provide the following vehicles to service your needs:
  • Fourteen Foot Box Trucks 
  • Cargo Vans 
  • Sixteen Foot Flatbed 
  • Fuel Efficient Subcompact 
Give us a call and we can arrange to set up an account the same day. The next and final step is arranging a delivery to pick up the phone and talking to an Arctic Couriers agent. Rest assured you will never be received by a machine and we are always happy to hear any feedback from you regarding our customer service. 
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