Delivery agent

A reliable freight forwarding service in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska

Delivery Agent – Freight Forwarding Service

Specializing in providing logistics, freight distribution and warehousing to our customers, Arctic Couriers has over 30 years of experience in Fairbanks and in Interior Alaska and guarantees your shipments will be at the right place at the right time.
We know what you as a freight forwarder want from a delivery or pickup agent. We provide timely and accurate service to make sure the freight you ship is delivered or picked up on time and in good condition. Furthermore, we have relationships with many proven carriers around Alaska to ensure clear communication and seamless service.

At Arctic Couriers we will report back with prompt proof of delivery information and detailed freight status reports. At all times we will keep you fully notified as to changes in your air or land delivery. Arctic Couriers is a licensed IAC and fully compliant with the TSA. As part of their ongoing training, all of our employees are trained in airport security and have had Security background checks preformed. When we partner with another freight forward for delivery in Fairbanks or ship out, we are all on the same page and know all the security protocols.

Why choose us?

• Years of Experience as a IAC
• Prompt And Accurate POD Information
• Ability to Track and Monitor your Freight
• TSA Compliant
•Trained Staff both in the office and out on the road
• STA Approved Drivers

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