The reliable medical courier in Fairbanks and in the Interior of Alaska

Why Choose Us?

  • HAZMAT Certified Drivers 
  • Attention To Detail 
  • Reliability 
  • Years Of Experience In Medical Transport
Providing medical courier service
Providing medical courier service, our drivers are HAZMAT certified and trained to handle medical transport. We can provide delivery service to hospitals, blood banks, clinics, labs and doctors offices with speed and accuracy. We have the ability to be flexible and to respond attentively to the changing demands of the health care industry.
We can provide medical courier services throughout Alaska such as:
  • Blood and specimen pickup and delivery 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Medical records 
  • Pharmaceutical products (both retail delivery to patients & distribution to storefronts) 
The key to what we do is reliability, confidentiality, promptness and appropriate training. We are trained in the proper handling and shipping of diagnostic specimens, Category B biological substances and exempted biological materials.

Additionally, Arctic Couriers knows that often times the shipments we transport have a limited shelf life. The samples collected and tested must be completed within a certain number of hours in order to be valid so we are ready to accommodate these types of demands. Let us help you find a fast, efficient and reliable medical courier in Alaska.
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