Remote locations

Delivering to remote locations in the Interior of Alaska

Another service Arctic Couriers can offer is as a consolidator. Since we are located near the Fairbanks airport, we can collect and hold your materials in our secure and heated warehouse until the point when it is needed. Then we can have it loaded and over to the airport for a departing charter, or on the road directly to you wherever you are in interior Alaska.
As the central location for materials and goods going north, south, east and west, Fairbanks is a premium hub for transport. We can provide supplies from vendors in Fairbanks to vendors within a 150 mile radius. We can also travel longer distances in Alaska via air carriers flying out of Fairbanks.

Contact us today about delivery to remote locations in Interior Alaska and Fairbanks.
delivering to remote locations throughout Alaska

Why choose us?

  • We can move on your request for materials immediately
  • We can act as a consolidator and forward your supplies as needed
  • We have had many years of experience in remote site delivery
  • Fairbanks is a hub for the interior and this is our home
  • We know how best to get your supplies to you
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