Warehouse space in Interior Alaska

Warehouse in Fairbanks, Alaska

Currently, we manage inventories for suppliers that require us to store, receive and maintain accurate inventories and reship at a moment’s notice. We are located just next to the airport in close proximity to both major and local air carriers serving Alaska and the surrounding Bush.

We own and run a Warehouse near the airport and rent out five Bays for storage business purposes and shipping.  As an example, we currently rent a bay to a company involved in renovations throughout the North Slope. We receive materials into their bay for them using our forklift and personnel so we help them consolidate inventory and prepare for charters to Point Lay, Point Hope, Wainwright, Barter Island , Barrow, Anatuvik Pass and any other place north of Fairbanks.  We also hold, inventory and ship computer parts for Dell And EMC in our Bay.

With the full ability to manage your shipment through the entire process, we are committed to partnering with you to ensure you have an effective base of operations.

Why choose us?

• Secure Warehouse

• Temperature Controlled Warehouse

• Capabilities to Maintain Accurate Inventories

• Able to Respond to Customer Requests in a Timely Manner

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