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Freight forwarding

We are a reliable delivery agent for freight forwarding in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska

Specializing in providing logistics, freight distribution and warehousing to our customers, Arctic Couriers has over 30 years of experience in Fairbanks and in Interior Alaska and guarantees your shipments will be at the right place at the right time. We know what you as a freight forwarder want from a delivery or pickup agent. We provide timely and accurate service to make sure the freight you ship is delivered or picked up on time and in good condition. Furthermore, we have relationships with many proven carriers around Alaska to ensure clear communication and seamless service.

At Arctic Couriers we will report back with prompt proof of delivery information and detailed freight status reports. At all times we will keep you fully notified as to changes in your air or land delivery. Arctic Couriers is a licensed IAC and fully compliant with the TSA. As part of their ongoing training, all of our employees are trained in airport security and have had Security background checks preformed. When we partner with another freight forward for delivery in Fairbanks or ship out, we are all on the same page and know all the security protocols.

Why choose us?
• Years of Experience as a IAC
• Prompt And Accurate POD Information
• Ability to Track and Monitor your Freight
• TSA Compliant
•Trained Staff both in the office and out on the road
• STA Approved Drivers

construction site delivery

When you need reliable construction site delivery in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, you can count on us to deliver your goods quickly and efficiently. There are several advantages to using a courier service as opposed to having one of your workers break away from the job. First and foremost, you won’t have to utilize a vehicle and driver for this purpose. You only pay for the service when it’s needed, there’s no cost when it’s not needed.

 We use our smaller size to our advantage by being able to respond quickly at a moment’s notice to the needs of our customers. In other words, we do not need to wait to build a consolidation. We do not need to fill a plane or tractor trailer but instead can move NOW with what is urgently needed to keep the flow of work moving. As an example, we once delivered a couple of cases of hard hats to a construction site in Tok on the same day we were called because the contractor was stopped due a safety violation involving hard hats. Their whole work force had to sit idle and paid, along with their heavy equipment, until those hard hats arrived. 

remote delivery

Since we are located near the Fairbanks airport, we can collect and hold your materials in our secure and heated warehouse until the point when it is needed. Then we can have it loaded and over to the airport for a departing charter, or on the road directly to you wherever you are in Interior Alaska.

 As the central location for materials and goods going north, south, east and west, Fairbanks is a premium hub for transport. We can provide supplies from vendors in Fairbanks to vendors within a 150 mile radius. We can also travel longer distances in Alaska via air carriers flying out of Fairbanks.


Providing medical courier service, our drivers are HAZMAT certified and trained to handle medical transport. We can provide delivery service to hospitals, blood banks, clinics, labs and doctors offices with speed and accuracy. We have the ability to be flexible and to respond attentively to the changing demands of the health care industry.

 We can provide medical courier services throughout Alaska such as:

•Blood and specimen pickup and delivery
•Medical equipment 
•Medical records 
•Pharmaceutical products (both retail delivery to patients & distribution to storefronts) 

The key to what we do is reliability, confidentiality, promptness and appropriate training. We are trained in the proper handling and shipping of diagnostic specimens, Category B biological substances and exempted biological materials.

Additionally, Arctic Couriers knows that often times the shipments we transport have a limited shelf life. The samples collected and tested must be completed within a certain number of hours in order to be valid so we are ready to accommodate these types of demands. Let us help you find a fast, efficient and reliable medical courier in Alaska.


We manage inventories for suppliers that require us to store, receive and maintain accurate inventories and reship at a moment’s notice. We are located just next to the airport in close proximity to both major and local air carriers serving Alaska and the surrounding Bush.

We own and run a Warehouse near the airport and rent out five Bays for storage, business purposes, and shipping. We maintain a secure temperature controlled warehouse with capabilities to maintain accurate inventories and respond to customer requests in a timely manner.

With the full ability to manage your shipment through the entire process, we are committed to partnering with you to ensure you have an effective base of operations.


Arctic Couriers is a licensed IAC and fully compliant with the TSA. As part of their ongoing training, all of our employees are trained in airport security and have had Security background checks preformed. Our staff is trained accordingly and ready to follow your instructions, rules and regulations to the letter when appearing on your job site. In all of our years of service to construction sites, we have never had a single incident involving safety. Talk to us about our reputable construction site delivery service in Alaska.